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Terms and conditions

PART I - Employment Agency Introduction fee single payment

  1. The Client provides the Agency with details of the position which the Client seeks to fill; type of work, the location and hours of work; the experience, training, qualifications; the duration or likely duration of the work; the conditions of remuneration etc., by submission of a completed Employer Application Form (E-1).
  1. The Agency supplies the documentation of suitable applicants (candidates) and then arranges contact between the Client and any applicants selected by the Client.
  1. The Client agrees to notify the Agency immediately of any offer of an engagement made to the applicant and to notify the Agency immediately that its offer of an engagement to the applicant has been accepted and to provide details of the applicant’s remuneration.
  1. The fee for the introduction of the applicant depends on the level of his annual remuneration; It is calculated as a percentage of the remuneration during the first 12 months:

Level of Annual RemunerationFee Payable
Up to £11,000 % (of the annual remuneration)
£11,001 to £15,000 % (of the annual remuneration)
£15,001 to £20,000 % (of the annual remuneration)
£20,001 to £25,000 % (of the annual remuneration)
£25,001 to £30,000 % (of the annual remuneration)
£30,001+ % (of the annual remuneration)
  1. Term of payment: 14 days of the date of invoice. VAT will be charged on the fee if applicable. Agency reserves the right to charge interest for any delay in payment.

6. If the engagement is for a fixed term of less than 26 weeks (app. 6 months), the rate for the fee paid weekly/monthly applies according to the actual duration of engagement.

7. The Agency reserves the right to protect its business; If the Client subsequently engages or re-engages the applicant within the period of
six calendar months from the date of termination of the engagement or withdrawal of
the offer, the full fee becomes payable. If, after an offer of engagement has been made to the applicant, the Client decides for any reason to withdraw it, the Client shall be liable to pay the

Agency a cancellation fee of 10% of the annual remuneration of the applicant.

8. If the Client is not satisfied with the candidate and the engagement terminates before the expiry of 10 weeks from the commencement of the engagement (except where the applicant is made redundant) the fee will be refunded as shown below:

Length of employmentRefund
1 or 2 weeks worked 100%
3 or 4 weeks worked 70%
5 or 6 weeks worked 50%
7 or 8 weeks worked 30%
9 weeks worked 20%
10 weeks worked 10%
11 weeks worked and more 0%
  1. The Client is the employer and is responsible for all formalities required by law of the country in which the applicant is engaged to work.